Our Team comes from experience at major firms such as Microsoft, UBER, AstraZeneca, and Nvidia in addition to over a decade of experience in helicopter and hoisting operations.

Caleb Carr – Chief Executive Officer

Picture1Caleb Carr is the founder of Vita Inclinata Technologies. Caleb comes to Vita with over a decade of Search and Rescue and helicopter rescue ops experience. In recent years, Caleb has been employed in management roles at UBER’s corporate office and Microsoft. Caleb brings extensive knowledge of start-up development, real word expertise, and expert knowledge of the problem and potential solution. Caleb is currently a candidate to be a Patent Agent and JD in the coming years to help Vita excel regarding the development of its intellectual property.

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Derek Sikora – Chief Technology Officer

Picture2Derek Sikora is the Chief Hardware Designer for Pathfinder Systems’ Aircrew Simulators and Air force programs. Mr. Sikora has been involved in the end to end design of multiple training rifles deploying his experience in mechanical design, dynamic modeling, MCU programming, circuitry, power distribution, and rapid prototyping ability. With a keen interest in closed-loop systems and human interfaced solutions, he intends to design automated solutions that will directly save lives. Moreover, he ultimately brings Systems Engineering design and insight to the Vita team.

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Renee Owen – Chief Marketing OfficerRenee headshot square

Renee’s training is in economic analysis with specialization in market analytics and international expansion. Along with this diverse skill set and data analytics knowledge, she brings focus and motivation to Vita’s team. Having worked with four small businesses, she understands the impact that dynamic economic projections will have on Vita’s success. Renee’s experience allows her to calculate and communicate Vita’s business potential effectively.

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Jon Chung – Technical Engineer

Picture4Jon’s training is in mechanical engineering and has a background in medical device development. As a medical device engineer, he has led and developed injection devices used to treat chronic illnesses. Working in a regulated space, Jon is very familiar with GxP, optimizing user experiences, and various lab testing & modeling/prototyping techniques. He brings design modeling  and regulatory insight, in addition to his mechanical experiences to the Vita Inclinata team.

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Logan Goodrich – Lead Mechatronics EngineerLogan headshot

Logan Goodrich brings a strong mechanical engineering background to the team as well as an interest in dynamic systems and controls. Logan worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory designing and prototyping flight components for the Mars 2020 Rover. He is currently getting his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in robotics and controls. With his interest in dynamics and electro-mechanical systems, Logan is eager to develop innovative solutions that will save lives and transform industries.

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Sami Dean – Technical Physicist

Picture5Sami has experience in developing software to facilitate research in various types of projects, ranging from studies in nonlinear dynamics to biophysics. Sami is passionate about developing ambitious solutions to problems, even when resources are limited; he has experience using devices and repurposing hardware to achieve tasks that they were not explicitly designed for. Having familiarity with multiple prototyping and modeling methods, Sami brings to the Vita team the ability to help develop a robust and versatile system, while ensuring that resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Travis Tweet- Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Development Travis Headshot

Travis Tweet is in charge of building relations with investors and building strategies for Vita going forward into the future. He served 4 years in the Marine Corps. In recent years, he started two companies and worked for 7-Eleven Corporate. Utilizing his MBA education and people skills, he is aiding Vita in gathering capital and building a sustainable future for the company.

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Urvi Gogwekar – Marketing ManagerUrvi pic_600X600pi

Urvi Gogwekar works as a Marketing Manager at Vita, with a focus on global expansion. She has worked as a Project Designer for a leading Design and Architecture firm in Mumbai, India for about 6 years. With her creative background and project management experience, Urvi brings a unique perspective in strategic business decision making. Her interest lies in brand and digital marketing. She is currently pursuing her MBA from Seattle University. Her undergraduate is in Commerce & Accounting and she also holds a professional diploma in Interior design. When not working, she takes interest in gardening, experimenting with food and also loves to travel.  

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Crystal Choi – Business Operations Manager Sujung(Crystal)Choi-headshot

Crystal brings her extensive international operations background to her role as Vita’s Operations Manager. Crystal develops Vita’s operational plans and has been overseeing the execution of the operation strategies to facilitate efficient service that satisfies the expectations and needs of end-users and clients. She also conducts research, data analysis, budget review, and ongoing and outgoing resource management.

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Jordan Kantor – Mechanical Engineer Jordan Headshot

Jordan is a graduate of the International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island where he obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and his B.A. in German. Jordan’s affinity for aerospace technology and skills in CAD modeling, computational fluid dynamics, manufacturing, and finite element method are utilized at Vita Inclinata to work on concept generation, systems integration, modeling, and international relations. He brings new insight to the industry and is ready to make an impact through creativity, innovation, and passion.

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