About Us

Movement by design.

Vita Inclinata Technologies is the leading developer of chaotic motion control systems. We provide unique counter swing systems to military agencies and private contractors. By coupling software with systems engineering services, we provide government and industry with the tools to make their operations safer. Together, it is all supported by extensive research and development, technology development, analysis, engineering, and support services to address any chaotic motion problem.

IP Portfolio

Vita has a series of provisional patents and expects to be awarded utilities in 2019.


Vita is based primarily in Seattle and Denver with satellite offices in Washington D.C. and Estonia. Our machining takes place at the Seattle and Denver locations.



Caleb Carr witnessed the tragic death of his friend while on a search and rescue mission due to the inability of a rescue basket to be deployed through the trees.


Caleb founded Vita to solve this deadly swinging.

Milestones Achieved

Sept, 2012 Caleb inspired by professor to create Vita Inclinata Technologies

Mar, 2013 Caleb and the Vita team travel to NASA AMES to investigate problem

Jan, 2016 Derek Sikora, current CTO, joins Vita as an Intern

Mar, 2016 Caleb pitched Vita’s original rail solution to 3 business competitions and lost them all

May, 2016 Company restructuring, with a ne team and increased focus on viable solutions

Jul, 2016 Derek joins Caleb as equal partner, CTO, and co-founder.

Aug, 2016 Derek completes simulations of control system and potential solutions

Sept, 2016 Company expands share pool to 100,000

Dec, 2016 Identify that aircraft flight control system input shaping are not optimal for load control

Feb, 2017 LSS design initially conceptualized

Jun, 2017 Initial CAD models designed

Aug, 2017 Models prove concept of LSS

Dec, 2017 Identify initial prototyping materials

Jan, 2017 Traditional error based control methods developed, Vita wins Witworth University BPC

Mar, 2017 Control methods developed, Vita wins CU’s BPC

Apr, 2017 Samir joins Advisory Board

May, 2018 Vita wins Seattle University BPC

Jun, 2018 Scott joins advisory board, Vita accepted into AeroInnovate Accelerator

July, 2018 Vita completes the AeroInnovate Accelerator, culminating in a showcase at EAA’s AirVenture November, 2018 Vita is awarded the USAF Phase 1 SBIR

November, 2018 Vita completes it’s first test flight under a helicopter, with success

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