Vita Inclinata Technologies is a leading developer of chaotic motion control systems. We provide unique counter swing systems to military agencies, private contractors, and local government officials. Coupled with software and systems engineering services for government and industry. Together, it is all supported by extensive research and development, technology development, analysis, engineering, and support services to address any chaotic motion problem.

25 degrees. That is the difference between life or death. 10 years ago, our CEO was on a search and rescue mission in the State of Oregon when a friend fell to the ground due to a heart attack. Due to how remote his team was, they needed a helicopter to come extract his friend if he were to have any chance at survival. When a rescue helicopter arrived, it looked hopeful for the fallen friend. The helicopter attempted to lower the basket however, the wind was too strong and it kept forces the basket into the trees above. After multiple attempts, the helicopter called off the mission; Caleb’s friend died minutes later. Following this experience┬áCaleb and his team sought to identify if this was a global problem. It was, and Vita was born.
With a grounding in these rescue operations, Vita Inclinata Technologies found it’s calling initially to address this chaotic pendulum swing of rescue helicopter hoisting systems and that solution has been created, known as the LSS.
Vita Inclinata Technologies was founded in Denver Colorado. Vita is a small defense company which focuses on stabilization control of moving objects such as hoisting systems and crane operations. Vita currently has offices in Seattle, Denver, and Washington DC.