Load Stability Systems

LSS-SL Sling Load

Load Stability System

The first autonomous system to provide rotational and swing control of suspended loads in adverse conditions.

The Load Stability System or “LSS” is a platform independent unmanned system capable of controlling the motion of all types of suspended loads. The modular system does not require any power or data from an aircraft, crane, etc. as the system is self-contained. Modularity promotes the LSS configurability for all mission types.

Deploying thrust sourced from high performance Electric Ducted Fans, the LSS stabilizes the oscillatory & rotary motion suspended loads undergo. The underlying autonomy resides in Vita’s Control Engine which senses and understands the environment, detects disturbances, then allocates corrective action to the thrust array accordingly.

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LSS-SL – Sling Load

The LSS-Sling Load variant is configured for long line operations, rotary wing, and crane alike. The device is rated to bare the weight of the slung object and includes a pilot activated remote hook to release the load. Increased weight capacity is achievable through swapping core tensile beam.

  • Fully automated, platform agnostic suspended load stability system.
  • Autonomous 3 D.O.F control: lateral pendulum sway and rotational motion.
  • Readily available localization telemetry data to assist pilot and crew.
  • Adaptive stabilization algorithms ready for dynamic flight environment.
  • Increases operational envelope
  • Device agnostic
  • Enhances mission safety and awareness

Oscillatory Stability Rating: 2,000 lbs / 60 knot winds
Rotational Stability Rating: 20,000 lbs / 5 knot winds
Direct Rotational Control: 20,000 lbs (Remote user operation)
System Weight: 155-220 lbs*
All subsystems field replaceable
Time For Fans to Reach Full Power: <1 second
Digital & analog isolation methods
Software driven system health monitoring & fail safes
Operations Time: 1 hr**
*Weight is highly configurable based on operation count and battery size.
**Operation time varies depending on load parameters and environment conditions.

LSS-SL Sling Load

The LSS-SL is ideal for a customer who lifts large loads via helicopter or crane. Leveraging the LSS’s directional control capability, the LSS-SL ensures a hands-off approach. The baseline LSS-SL model will control a 10,000 lbs. load in up to 60 knot winds and is heavily customizable.

LSS-HR Hoist Rescue

The LSS-HR can be used for light load stabilization whether to be used on a helicopter hoist, a crane, or a helicopter sling load operation. The baseline LSS-HR model will control a 1,000 lbs. load in up to 60 knot winds and is heavily customizable.

LSS-LA Litter Attachment

The LSS-LA is specifically designed for rescue operators. With integrations into any rescue basket system, the LSS-LA provides directional and positional control of a patient during a helicopter hoisting operation. The baseline LSS-LA model will control a 1,000 lbs. load in up to 60 knot winds and is heavily customizable.