Vita’s technology, known as the LSS has applicability in multiple markets spanning both defense and private industries. The Vita Load Stability system will solve the historical problem of external load control in a unique and effective way. The electric duct fan (EDF) based system will use thrust to counter undesired pendulum-like motion of a load, as well as any rotational element introduced into the system. The detachable unit will connect to the existing Boom and Load via hoist rings on the top and bottom of the Center module. Four arms are connected to the Center with each comprising of two EDFs with opposing force vectors. Arranging the EDFs in this manner allows the system to have an effective response to any induced sway or rotation on the 3DOF system. For instance, if an external load begun to swing in a conical motion with a delta of 10o from the vertical axis, and was rotating about the hinge location at 15o per second, the Vita Load Stability System (Vita LSS) first eliminates the rotational element of the load by providing counter thrust about the hinge point. Once the rotational element is stabilized, the system counters the conical pendulum motion by exerting thrust in the opposing direction of the velocity vector calculated in that moment of time; resulting in completely controlled external load.

The LSS has multiple applications