Mick Maurer

Ex CEO, Sikorsky

Mick Maurer brings more than 25 years of leadership experience across aerospace and industrial divisions of United Technologies Corporation…

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Robert F Hedrick

Aviation Attorney, Aviation Law Group

Robert practices aviation accident law. He handles a wide variety of complex aviation cases involving U.S. and international accidents…

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Christy Ivler

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering, University of Portland

Christina Ivler has spent the last twelve years working as a research aerospace engineer…

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Jonathan Evans

Skyward Co-Founder & Head of Innovation, Gutma Board President

Helicopter Pilot, Founder of Skyward (a drone company) that was acquired by Verizon…

Jan Drake

Ex Samsung, Disney, RIPL

Jan has extensive background in both corporate and startup development. With a series of successful exits behind him, Jan has seen it all…

Brianna McDonald

President, Keiretsu Forum Law

Brianna has been an active leader and angel investor with Keiretsu Forum since its launch in Seattle in 2005 and supporting its growth…

Alex Popoff

Sr Product & Program Manager, Next Biometrics Inc

30+ years of Engineer Experience, Network manager for Amazon Web Service, Ex. Boeing Engineer. Alex brings in depth…

Scott Milburn

Managing Partner, Sage Management

6 years of experience as Managing Partner of Advocates Law Group. Scott provides Vita with legal and strategic…

Samir Chokshi

Managing Partner, Magara Capital

Samir is one of Vita’s earliest investors. Samir helps Vita navigate capital strategy and provides day-to-day insights…

Adam Philipp

Founder, Aeon Law

Adam has been involved in the prosecution of patent applications in the computer science, electrical devices, consumer products, blockchain…

Marc Arnold

Ex CEO, Angel Corp

Marc is the former president and COO of HASCO International Inc., a manufacturing and diversified services firm. During Mr. Arnold’s…

Mike Stein

Partner, Intellectual Property, BakerHostetler

Michael Stein has 30 years of experience working with technology companies and nearly 25 years of experience…