About Vita

Vita Inclinata Technologies

was founded to save lives.

In 2009, founder Caleb Carr watched as a friend died because a helicopter was unable to rescue him due to the swinging of the helicopter hoisting system. Seeming impossible, Caleb proceeded to forget about the situation until questioned by a professor at CU Denver, Dr. Randall Tagg. Explaining his passion to go to medical school due to the situation in 2009, Dr. Tagg simply responded by asking “well why the hell don’t you fix it?” It was this simple question that was the start of the Vita mission.

Vita is comprised of young innovators and drivers in the aerospace industry. With backgrounds from UBER, Microsoft, NASA, and many other industries, team members have come together with one mission at its core; to save lives. Vita currently has two main offices in Denver and Seattle, with satellite offices in Washington DC and Estonia. Vita’s network is made up of 59 people and is capable to change an industry that hasn’t changed since its inception in the mid 1900’s.