The Load Stability System (LSS)

What does LSS mean?

The Load Stability System or “LSS” is a platform independent unmanned system capable of controlling the motion of all types of suspended loads. The modular system does not require any power or data from an aircraft, crane, etc. as the system is self-contained. Modularity promotes the LSS configurability for all mission types.

Deploying thrust sourced from high performance Electric Ducted Fans, the LSS stabilizes the oscillatory & rotary motion suspended loads undergo. The underlying autonomy resides in Vita’s Control Engine which senses and understands the environment, detects disturbances, then allocates corrective action to the thrust array accordingly.

The LSS in action:

This is the LSS in action under a helicopter in a simple hoisting operation. It is easy to see how the LSS negates swing when the helicopter approaches to deliver it’s payload.


The LSS-HR being prepared for a flight test.

A render of the of the Sling Load LSS. This device is capable of supporting significantly heavier loads for military and other operations.


Vita is deploying a LSS specifically for rotary wing SAR operations. The LSS-HR (Hoist Rescue) enhances the operational envelope of rotary wing SAR operations while also increasing safety, and decreasing mission time & risk. Enabling hoisting operations to occur in adverse conditions with accurate hoist placement by countering disturbances from rotor downwash, jumps in aircraft movement, 60 knot gusts, and others. Furthermore, the pilot is no longer burdened with attempting to stabilize the suspended hoist system through manipulating aircraft movement. If a significant disturbance does occur, the pilot simply waits a few seconds for the LSS to stabilize the motion. Installing the LSS-HR merely involves an aircrewman attaching it to the hoist system with a single hand through a direct mechanical attachment.  


Vita’s LSS Sling Load (LSS-SL) is an LSS configured for rotary wing sling load and crane operations. The system offers similar performance envelope enhancements by permitting accurate & precise slung load positioning in adverse conditions through active collocated motion control. The alterations for the LSS-SL are an increased thrust & weight capacity, additional attachment points (including remote hook releases), and an installed tensile beam that bears the weight of the suspended load.

The LSS has multiple applications