UNITS: Metric Imperial

Load Length (m):

Load Width (m):

Load Weight (kg):

Inertia Estimate:

> 60 picks Plenty of capability
<= 60 picks No capability issues
<= 35 picks Capable
<= 25 picks Load is near max capability limit
< 15 picks Use caution and verify WLL
Vita Load Pilot – Standard (VLP)
Nominal Inertial Rating: 60,000
WLL: 25,000lbs (12.5t)
Vita Load Navigator – 20/40T-7
Nominal Inertial Rating: 130,000
WLL: 44,000lbs (20t), 88,000lbs (40t)
Vita Load Navigator – 20/40T-11
Nominal Inertial Rating: 175,000
WLL: 44,000lbs (20t), 88,000lbs (40t)