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The Precision Rapid Aerial Extraction System (PRAES) is a dual use solution for The Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial operators to conduct fixed-wing extraction of personnel or supplies without putting people or loads at risk. This system allows for an aircraft to quickly release a harness or suspended load with a connected tether while circling a target above (in a long line loiter technique). With the pull of the tether, the harnessed target will be lifted from the ground and eventually released to safety. The Load Stability System technology suite will provide the precision needed for a successful mission. By attaching the Load Stability System technology suite to the end of the teather, above the harness or suspended load, the technology will ensure precision placement into a 25 sq foot area on the ground (or smaller). Following legacy programs like the “Sky Hook Program,” also known as the Fulton Recovery System, the PRAES capability evolves decades of research and development into a fieldable solution that can precisely place and extract loads and personnel of all size and shapes. While history has tried to provide this capability to the warfighter and commercial operators, the lack of precision has resulted in a slow commercial development of the capability. 

Not. Any. More.

With Vita’s Load Stabilization Technology coupled with decades of history and research, the PRAES platform can complete the mission that the Sky Hook Program always dreamed of, a means to conduct precision airdrop and airlift, anywhere, of any load, at any time.

The need for a long-range fixed wing asset to precisely insert and extract personnel or supplies from a specific site is a crucial innovation forto military and commercial operations. The PRAES solution will provide both commercial and military assets: 

  • Concealment of load extraction and insertion via fixed wing platforms.
  • Reduced mission cost by eliminating rotor wing or eVTOL platforms to conduct precision placement missions. 
  • Safer and faster personnel and cargo extractions by leveraging faster fixed wing assets. 
  • Means to conduct small package delivery via fixed wing assets with longer operating life spans and operating envelopes. 


A fixed wing asset (drone or aircraft) will locate the target – either personnel or supplies – and drop a PRAES package. The PRAES package can consist of the item to be inserted into the field, a harness for personnel recovery, a package for drone delivery, a cable attached to the fixed wing asset, and a load stability system. While the PRAES package falls to the ground, the aircraft will circle the target, creating a long line loiter effect. While the cable continues to extend out the back of the fixed wing asset, the cable (with the load attached) begins to fall down to the ground in a similar fashion to a lasso. Such a technique prevents any G-forces or upward pull being created from the constant flight of the fixed wing asset. 

As the PRAES package begins to approach the ground, the load stability system technology will fix on a specific geo designated, RF receiver, or other communication device ensuring precision placement of the PRAES package on the ground. 

While waiting for the release of the goods attached to the PRAES package or the personnel to get attached to the harness, the fixed wing assets continue to circle the target. Once the target is acquired and the desired load is released or attached, the fixed wing asset departs the asset, lifting the load off the ground trailing behind the aircraft. 

(Fig 1. Vita artistic rendering)


Precision Airlift and Airdrop from 10,000 ft AGL or any desired elevation

  1. Enables drone delivery to be conducted via fixed wing drones vs. vertical take off and landing drones. 
  2. Reaches parts of the world that only fixed wing assets may operate in.
  3. Precision airlift or airdrop of load


With the evolution of drone delivery, electric take off and landing drones (eVTOL) have been seen as the solution to the drone delivery mission.

Not. Any. More.

With the PRAES platform, any fixed wing drone can deliver packages of any size, anywhere, at any time. With the need to place loads in small locations with not much room to navigate, the PRAES platform enables precision placement of loads in areas not feasible today with current technology.

Leveraging years of development of stabilizing loads under both helicopters and cranes, the crux of the PRAES platform is the load stabilization technology design and produced by Vita Inclinata Technologies. Leveraging the load stabilization technology, the PRAES platform can ensure stabilization of loads in the most extreme situations.

Come partner with Vita Inclinata Technologies as we expand this capability to revolutionize the drone delivery industry, providing a tool and capability that never existed before today.

(Fig 2. Vita artistic rendering)


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