USAF Rescue Litter Stabilization System Completes Initial Flight Trials

Vita Inclinata Technologies Completed Initial Flight Trials, 11/25/2019

DECEMBER 2, 2019; The Load Stability System – Litter Attachment (LSS-LA) produced by Vita Inclinata Technologies completed initial fight trials in Fort Collins, Colorado on November 25, 2019. Conducted on a UH-1 aircraft, the test was meant to validate the control systems and sub systems of the LSS-LA, which will eventually be delivered to the USAF 129th and 101st RQS.

“The system tested today demonstrates a glimpse of what a self-stabilizing rescue litter can provide for the first responder community: hands off, simple, safe, and efficient extractions in hazardous environments. However, this demonstration is just the beginning. Moving ahead we are refining the solution by reducing the size and weight, while strengthening the autonomous stabilization capability.” CTO Derek Sikora said.

Today the LSS-LA will be traveling to Fort Rucker to begin Safe-for-Flight evaluation to clear the solution for UH-60 Blackhawk airframe deployment. Where upon successful completion, Vita will be demonstrating the next generation capabilities of the LSS-LA live at HeliExpo 2020 in Anaheim, California.

The LSS-LA was designed to eliminate the swing and spin of all rescue helicopter hoisting missions which utilize a rescue litter or basket. Utilizing a series of high-powered fans, the LSS-LA solves the operational need of faster hoisting extractions, safer operations, and mission confidence. Thus, the LSS-LA expands the operational envelope allowing for hoisting operations in more extreme conditions. Meanwhile, eliminating situations like this recent rescue mission in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trans Aero LTD Director of Operations, Matthew Goertz, piloted the helicopter during the trials and commented One of the things I noticed with the system was how, especially when the load would spin, how quickly it would arrest that spin and just stop the litter from spinning and then definitely reduced the swing of the load”.

            Vita Inclinata Technologies is on track to begin delivery of the LSS-LA into the field by the conclusion of Q2, 2020.