Breakthrough Safety Technology Proven – The LSS Sling Load

The Vita Inclinata team has proven the dual-use applications of their Load Stability System – Sling Load (LSS-SL) this week after a very successful test on a crane. Just last year Vita tested their initial prototype that was built to stabilize 150 pound loads and one year later the team has successfully tested a system that can directionally control 20,000 pound loads. This system, the LSS-SL, will bring safety and efficiency to helicopter sling load operations and cranes on construction sites and oil rigs.

In the construction and oil markets, load sway makes crane operations dangerous as it often causes the load to pinch a crew member between the load and part of the oil rig or work site. The current method to mitigate this unfortunate workplace danger is to use a tag line or a push-pull stick; both methods put the loadhandlers in harm’s way and require workers to physically touch the load to stop the swinging. The LSS is the first hands-free method of mitigating the load sway and the only method that allows the load handlers to remain within the safety zone throughout the duration of the lift. Andrew, an operator from Erix Crane and Rigging, conducted the initial test this week and reflected on the technology saying “This thing is really neat and very helpful and I can definitely see a market for it”.

The LSS-SL is already in high demand and is on contract to be piloted with the Colorado National Guard in 2020 for large load stabilization of helicopter sling load missions. “It is amazing to see what a group of young innovators, engineers, and staff can accomplish in such a short time. Less than 1 year ago, Vita had a little box with fans to validate an idea; now Vita has a product!” said Caleb Carr, CEO and President of Vita Inclinata Technologies. With the release of the LSS-SL, Vita is already receiving tens of pre-orders and delivery slots are quickly filling up. Interested in Pre-Ordering an LSS-SL or finding out more information? Click here.