Military Applications

Vita’s technology can be used in multiple avenues of military operations.

TF Lobos medevac crews conduct rescue hoist training with Germans
Rescue Helicopter Hoisting

Vita provides technology that allows rescue operators a means to get into tighter spaces while allowing for easier placement and extraction of rescue personnel onto moving targets. Vita’s technology also provides means for faster extraction during combat operations.



Military Sling Load

Currently, sling load operations rely on a pilot’s success and training. With Vita’s technology in operation, military helicopter operators will be able to focus solely on flying while the LSS ensures that the load being carried is steady and ready to be dropped on the precise location.


Navy Ship Transfer Operations

Navy ships transfer gas and supplies between ships via a series of transfer lines, cranes, and helicopters. These operations are dependent on the environment due to the swinging caused by unfavorable conditions. Vita’s technology can be used to mitigate the swinging during these operations, and it can also ensure the cables stay stable on perpendicular lines between ships.