Vita Inclinata Technologies LLC. is hiring!

If you would like to work for a dynamic start-up within the defense sector focused on developing a technology that will save lives, this is the team for you! We are a close team that has worked all over the world resulting in new networks, connections, and career opportunities for many of our previous team members. You get to work from home for the most part, get paid, and most importantly get to watch something you played a role in save 24 lives every day! Apply to join our team today.

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Positions Open

Engineer Intern: Currently we are looking for professionals, graduates, and students in the final years of their coursework who have expertise in electrical systems, control systems, aerospace, and mechanical engineering. Team members will work from home on simulations building up to the time that the team purchases their first helicopter and hanger for lab testing. Engineers will be able to work on the forefront of an innovative technology that allows team members to get in on the ground level with a company that will give opportunities to work with partners such as NASA, US ARMY, US NAVY, and many others.

Responsibilities include: Product Testing, Product Design, Technical Support, Technical Planning, and Product Marketing.

Hours: 15+ / week

Business Operations Intern: Currently we are looking for professionals within the business operations space. We need to build a team that will work with investors from around the globe, travel to trade conferences, engage new prospects, run the general operations of the business, and much more. Team members with work with executive leadership to develop the direction of the company and play an integral role in developing a small defense company into a major player within the helicopter hoisting industry.

Responsibilities Include: Investor Relations, Business Operations, Business Marketing, Business Development

Hours: 15+ / Week