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Vita Inclinata Demonstrates Safety of the Load Pilot on the Emirates Golf Course (Dubai, UAE)

Taglines vs. Vita Load Navigator for Crane Lifting Operations

We tested the Vita Load Navigator against traditional taglines. The outdated method of using a rope to guide the load in place isn’t efficient or safe for modern day crane yard workers. Our solution was to build the Vita Load Navigator – an autonomous system that stabilizes loads despite wind or crane movement. Instead of using taglines, you use a wireless remote control to rotate the load within one degree of where you want it. Let’s see how much faster, safer, and easier the Load Navigator is compared to taglines!

Vita LSS in New York City with Trident Construction

Captured Footage: A Demo of Vita’s Position Hold Controller

Footage captured from a demonstration of Vita Inclinata’s Position Hold Controller on its Spreader Bar system. The Position Hold Controller effectively locks a load’s orientation within a small error margin. The system counters all wind sailing effects and other external forces, providing the crane operator and ground crew the precision, accuracy, and safety they deserve when conducting lifts. PLEASE NOTE that once the operator locks the load, he places the pendant on the ground to demonstrate hands-off position hold. The video has been sped up slightly but otherwise not edited. 

Make your crane yards safer using Vita’s LSS Sling Load

For those situations where a tagline just isn’t possible, or conditions suddenly change — like the wind picks up — Vita’s Load Stabilization System (LSS) gives the construction industry a tool it has never had before: a way to precisely control and orient picks, dynamically adjusting for wind or whatever the environment throws at you. So that workers can stay out of the critical load path and get the job done — safely.

Houston Business Roundtable Roadshow Demo with the LSS Sling Load

Vita Inclinata traveled to Houston, Texas, to demonstrate our Load Stability System live – the Sling Load. The Houston Business Roundtable was our host, along with more than 30 crane companies, oil and gas entities, and general contractors from around the world. Watch attendees use the LSS-SL to navigate a fun obstacle course using our stabilization technology.

Vita Inclinata LSS-SL Innovative Load Rotation Capability

Vita demonstrates their Load Stability System – Sling Load indexing crane segments ranging from 5,000 to 14,000 pounds with ease. This technology completely replaces crane tag lines. The hands-free load rotation capability can be very beneficial in duty-cycle work, constrained lifts, and when assembling a tower crane. Reach out to the Vita team through to inquire about a demo in your area.