Caleb Carr


In 2009, Caleb was a volunteer search and rescue tech for Multnomah (Oregon) County Search and Rescue. A good friend, mentor, and fellow volunteer suffered cardiac arrest while on a night-training mission, and Caleb could only watch helplessly while the helicopter sent to rescue them eventually turned back, unable to safely reach due to challenging terrain and wind. His friend died; and the experience became the genesis of Vita Inclinata.

Caleb enrolled in the University of Colorado at Denver and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Neuroscience, and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy. While at CU, Caleb met Derek Sikora, who would become his CTO and co-founder in Vita Inclinata Technologies.

Following Caleb’s successful defense of his intellectual property and the rights of other student inventors, Caleb enrolled in the Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  He graduated with a Juris Doctor focused on corporate law and litigation. Caleb has litigated over 300 administrative law cases to date. Caleb is currently a student at Penn State University completing a Masters in Business Administration.

The search and rescue motto is, “So others may live.” Caleb’s guiding question is, “What are you doing today to change tomorrow?” Caleb continues to be a volunteer firefighter, search and rescue tech, and also serves as an Assistant Professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado as a means of fostering inspiration and growth — tempered with reality — for other young entrepreneurs.

Caleb’s work at Vita Inclinata Technologies has won recognition like Forbes 30 under 30 for the Manufacturing and Industry category, Titan 100 CEO winner, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Desert Mountain Region, and the opening bell at NASDAQ, among others.  

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