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Black Hawk Helicopter Rescue Ops Training Race – Legacy vs. Vita System
Vita flew the LSS Rescue System under a MEDEVAC Black Hawk helicopter with the Montana ARNG, and raced it against the legacy hoist system on a second helicopter. Can the Vita Rescue System give the crew enough of an edge to complete 3 full hoists in the time it takes the legacy team to complete one? Watch this video and find out!

Vita’s Texas Roadshow, Pt. I: TX Department of Safety at Austin
Texas Roadshow, first stop: Austin. Demonstrating Vita Technology’s life-saving Load Stability System-Litter Attachment to stabilize helicopter and rescue litters without taglines. Flown by the expert pilots of the Texas Department of Safety under their agile B3s in Austin. Precision insertion, alignment, extraction at top speed.

Vita Austin Demo 3/25/2021
This is how we show you what we did in Austin in about one minute. #ThankyouAustin #SafetyisVitaL

USAARL Safe-to-Fly Testing of Vita’s Load Stability System (LSS) Litter Attachment at Fort Rucker.
U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory tests Vita Inclinata’s Load Stability System – Litter Attachment for Project Convergence 21 at Fort Rucker, with UH-60 Blackhawks.

Vita Inclinata takes the LSS™ for a spin on Erickson’s S-64 Air Crane®

Testing with the best: Vita signs partnership agreement with Erickson, Inc. to tackle load stabilization, safety, efficiency and training As a relatively new technology company, we feel a responsibility to constantly put our breakthrough innovations to the test — learning, refining, honing, and improving our products in real world conditions (or as close to real as we can get without hearing from our insurance company). In recent months we’ve tested our Load Stability Systems (LSS) with Two Bear Air Rescue, the US Army, and more. And now, we’re proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with Erickson, Inc. — the manufacturer, operator and maintainer of some of the world’s most exciting utility aircraft. “Erickson is excited to work with Vita Inclinata, an organization which shares our commitment to innovation. We look forward to continued collaborations and moving forward with a shared vision for the future of load stability systems and providing next generation solutions supporting customer’s needs,” said Brittany Black, SVP Sales, Business Development, and Marketing for Erickson Inc. The partnership’s goal is to investigate how load stabilization impacts safety, operational efficiency, and training. Practically speaking, the partnership will collect data on Vita’s LSS system performance in Erickson’s unique and demanding operating conditions, then apply that data to refine or adapt the LSS for those conditions as needed; and ultimately, identify future applications to leverage Vita’s spin control innovations. “This partnership with Erickson is very important to Vita Inclinata for a couple of reasons. We get to field test our systems with a well respected industry operator, collect vital data on our system performance, and learn about the challenges they need to solve on a daily basis. Combined, this creates a compelling opportunity and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership so far,” said Shelby Mounts, Vita’s Chief Commercial Officer. The first tests paired Erickson’s S-64 Air Crane® Helicopter with Vita’s LSS-Sling Load (SL) system at Erickson’s Prineville, OR facility. “Testing was oriented to heavy construction activities, and was incredibly useful,” Mounts noted. The next tests have already been scheduled, pairing Erickson’s Bell 214ST with Vita’s LSS-Litter Attachment (LA).

Vita LSS-LA Active Rescue Litter Stabilization

Two Bear Air Rescue in Montana tests Vita Inclinata’s Load Stability System – Litter Attachment (LSS-LA) in conditions simulating search and rescue missions — rugged terrain that makes it hard to lower and raise a rescue litter precisely; rotation and swing caused by winds and updrafts, and the new off-axis fly-to-target (F2T) capability for cliffside rescues.

Vita Inclinata – LSS-LA Fly-To-Target

One way to reach the mountain peaks of life is to forget about self and help other people reach new heights. Another way is to save a life at even greater heights. But this can be dangerous and just out of reach. We are Vita Inclinata and this is the LSS-LA. A Load Stability System attached to a Litter Basket developed to assist helicopter rescue crews save lives in remote or urban environments once thought impossible. This advanced fly to target technology, dubbed project magic carpet equips our heroes with a single hand palm controller and the ability to remotely position a hoisted basket outside of the aircraft’s rotor diameter to extract people off the face of a cliff, in a high rise building fire or out at sea. Vita Inclinata – Building Technology That Brings People Home… Everytime!

Project Magic Carpet: LSS-LA Fly-to-Target Demo

Vita Inclinata Technologies project “Magic Carpet” demonstrates the Load Stability System – Litter Attachment (LSS-LA) all new “Fly-to-Target” capability.

North to the Future – Vita LSS-SL Tours Alaska

Vita’s team heads to Alaska with the Load Stability System. They visit Pathfinder Aviation, Evermore Aviation, Rotak Helicopter Services, and Northwest Helicopters.

Vita Inclinata Load Stability System – Sling Load

Vita Inclinata tests the latest updates to their Load Stability System – Sling Load demonstrating active load stabilization and rapid swing control of suspended loads in chaotic motion. More info at:

Vita Inclinata – LSS-LA Flight Demo

Vita Inclinata Load Stability System Litter Attachment Swing Elimination and Rotational Control Test