Vita Rescue System Time and Cost Savings Calculator

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Input your information in the cells below

What does it cost to operate your helicopter per flight hour?
All costs with the exception of fuel


How much does JetA cost per gallon?


What is your average fuel burn rate per flight hour?


How many hoists does your organization complete each month?
Average number of hoists conducted including training and operational


What is the average time to complete a single hoist evolution? 
Including the entire evolution (tagline delivery + hoist of medic + hoist of device + recover


Total Cost and Time

Total Costs Per Flight Hours: NA

Total Hours Hoisting Per Year: NA

Cost Savings Comparison

Based on 2x, 3x, or 4x faster rescues with the VRS-LA (The VRS-LA has been determined to be 4x faster than taglines)

2x Faster 3x Faster 4x Faster
Flight Hrs Saved Per Year - - -
Cost Savings Per Year - - -
Pay Back Period In Years - - -